Pest Inspection Services A Priority In Almost All Newcastle Houses

4 seasons pest servicesIrrespective of the size of house you own in Newcastle, it has been proved that at some point of time your house will have to face threat from pest infestation. And it can be any kind of pests starting from ants to spiders and termites. That is why it is essential that at the first sight of the problem call for a professional company offering pest inspection services. Though such pest control companies have the expertise to handle almost all kind of pests, do check whether they can provide you a termite inspection Newcastle. There are only a handful of good companies that actually provides a comprehensive termite inspection and hands over a detailed report of the same.

If you care about your home, then you need to opt for pest inspection services at one point or the other. It is better to get things fixed beforehand as termite infestation is something that not only spreads at a rapid rate but can also cause you damages worth thousands of dollars. Treating them singlehandedly is not always a solution to the problem. Professional interference is a must as only those who have had the experience of dealing with termite infestation knows how to eradicate it completely.Infrared thermometer camera

Apart from termite killing substances, often the correct equipment like GoPro camera or SprayCam video is required to gather evidence of the places where the termites have dug into. Moreover such pest control companies use infrared termite detection technology for locating live termite infestations in areas which are physically inaccessible. Often the team of professionals use boroscope and moisture meters for more specific detention.

What Kind of Pests Does Such Pest Inspection Services Providing Companies Handle?

Apart from carrying out extensive termite inspection Newcastle, such companies handles almost all the common kinds of pests that is likely to infest your house from time to time. This includes ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, borers and termites.

Which Are The Areas That Are Treated by the Pest Control Companies?

Different pests have different breeding areas. Since their habitat differs from each other, it is quite a challenging job to find out the perfect areas and treat those

  • For example, for treating cockroaches, these companies inspect and treat the roof void and the sub floor of your house. These are the primary breeding areas. Plus nook and corner of the kitchen, bathrooms, sheds, garage, heavy furniture all are treated to eliminate cockroach encroachment in your property.
  • On the other hand, treating termites is a much harder job. They usually dig in soft wood and hence a strong termiticide has to be used for all the timber structural elements in the house.
  • Borers, yet another destructive kind of pest known to be sworn enemies to pine flooring timbers make their nest in the subfloor area. If there is moderate infestation, then a registered insecticide applied to the underside of the flooring is all that is required.

Hence it is true that those who own houses in Newcastle area can’t overlook the importance of carrying termite inspection Newcastle. In all respect it is better to call for a company who are experienced providers of pest control services.